Monday, 6 December 2010

ASP.NET Web Setup – Integrated Authentication

I came across an interesting situation when a client could not run my installer to set up their SQL database. It was set to use Windows Authentication and even though the user was set up as an administrator on the SQL server, they could not connect to the database.

After searching around the forums, it seems the MSI file is using the built in local account, and therefore domain specific details are ignored.

The resolution:

Download ORCA tool from Microsoft. See this post here:

Then, when you have ORCA tool, follow this blog

The ORCA row I changed the type for was:
_B25C9B12_5826_4B28_AD29_C2A033133B53.install    1025    InstallUtil    ManagedInstall

The database was able to be configured correctly when this amendment was made to the MSI file. For now, this is now an extra step in the build process.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Justifying Text in Photoshop Elements 8

I was creating a new brochure in PSE8 ready to upload to the printers and a realised there was no way to justify the text from the tool bar. This can’t be right – surely… head to Google and a quick search shows several posts of how to do it.

The quick answer is Ctrl + Shift + J to justify.

However, I had some text pasted into a text box and it would not work! The Google videos were from PSE6 but I couldn’t believe they would remove such essential functionality so I did some testing. It seems when I pasted the text in carriage returns were also placed in there, so it WAS justifying, but each line was it’s paragraph and therefore visually nothing changed. Delete some paragraphs and you'll be justified in no time!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

ESXi Cloning a Machine

I saw a few posts online about how to clone machines on the free version of VM Client from VM Ware. Some are highly complex and overly so.

Maxwave posts a great post here on how to do it

it’s simple, GUI based, and very easy! What more could you ask for (other than VMWare to include in the free version…)