Friday, 4 June 2010

Justifying Text in Photoshop Elements 8

I was creating a new brochure in PSE8 ready to upload to the printers and a realised there was no way to justify the text from the tool bar. This can’t be right – surely… head to Google and a quick search shows several posts of how to do it.

The quick answer is Ctrl + Shift + J to justify.

However, I had some text pasted into a text box and it would not work! The Google videos were from PSE6 but I couldn’t believe they would remove such essential functionality so I did some testing. It seems when I pasted the text in carriage returns were also placed in there, so it WAS justifying, but each line was it’s paragraph and therefore visually nothing changed. Delete some paragraphs and you'll be justified in no time!


  1. I removed the carriage returns in PSE 8 text but then the text frame stretched way off the page. When I shortened the text frame to the appropriate size, the font size had quadrupled
    but was illegibly compressed into the smaller
    frame area.

  2. Okay, I answered my own question: The text that I was attempting to justify was made WITHOUT the initial creation of a text frame. When I created the frame first and then began typing inside it, the justification worked fine (using control-shift-j on my PC).