Friday, 22 May 2009

First Entry!

For the first entry, I thought it would be worth explaining why I feel the need to post more information into the world wide web. Well as an active IT user and software developer aka IT Monkey all the issues I have run into I'm sure someone else might also run into at some point.

I have been involved in many areas of IT and found the internet a great source of information and helpful people willing to spend time to try and fix issues and problems. It is great to think that someone across the world who you have never met is willing to help.

I have been involved in the following areas:
  • Server Administration - I have been running a 2003 small business server for the past 5 years for a Church. This has included, exchange, ADUC, File server, IP Routing. I have also recently looked at Virualisation and am currently running a 2 quad core, 8gb ram, server running VMwares ESXi Hypervisor. (Very Cool!)
  • Programming - I have qualified as a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist in web development and have experience in using VB, C#, Ajax Tool Kit, NHibernate, NVelocity, and many other areas.

I hope that I can publish answers and solutions that people would find both useful and also intelectually provoking. We'll see where we can take this!

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