Saturday, 23 May 2009

Memory Issues!

I mentioned in my first post that I work with a small business server for a church. This was purchased around 4 years ago and is a Xeon processor with 512MB of RAM. As you have probably thought from the post title, 512MB, are you mad? Presumably it seemed adequate at the time, but currently it is running slower than a snail in ball and chains.

So clearly, the option is to upgrade the memory, but this is actually proving to be more of a challenge than you would think. Even purchasing an identical spec chip copied from the label of the current memory chip, it was not compatible. Maybe this is so you HAVE to go back to Dell to get the upgrades, certainly if this is the case it would make cunning strategy for future business!

I have purchased as returned three sets of memory chips, and saverstore has been great in accepting these returns back. So what is the next?

Next is time to upgrade the machine. Currently, am looking at a dual processor, quad core, 8GB memory (don't want to get caught short again!) If you have heard of VMware ESXi my current plan is to create a new Virtual server on this platform. Virtualisation has many benefits, ability to create snapshots, host multiple virtual machines on the same physical hardware and adjust the hardware resource between virtual machines.

It looks a good option for pro's and also self-taught IT Monkeys like myself. Without any formal training I can be assured that before making any critical changes, I can take a backup (snapshot) and if things go wrong, I can revert. Simple.

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